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An innovative way to bring the world into 5G

What is Astral9?

Astral9 is currently deploying a high speed next generation hybrid 4G (and 5G when standards are finalized) Platform As A Service LTE network which can be sold as a voice and/or data solution to consumers, businesses, Mobile Operators. and management companies around the United States using the Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) 3.5GHz radio spectrum and Small Cell Technology. This radio spectrum has recently been re-allocated from exclusive government based use to a shared platform being divided by census tracts to allow mobile providers to better utilize their investments.

The CBRS band is being championed by a consortium of major companies led by Google/Alphabet called The CBRS Alliance to increase wireless penetration density and offload data which requires above average resources to provide. As the CBRS band is coming online in 2018, and 2019, users across the United States are anxious to provide services that in the past were limited to costly radio spectrum operators with national networks. The CBRS band is currently supported by an array of vendors, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 featuring the X20 LTE modem. This System-on-a-Chip, or SoC is found many of today’s hottest smartphones and mobile devices, allowing Astral9 to tap into data needs from Mobile Network Operators (MNO) without the need for a customer to sign on to use our service. We anticipate Mobile Operators to increasingly demand compatibility with our systems in their handsets from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and others. Verizon Wireless has stated they will require band compatibility in all handsets being sold in 2019 and beyond, while other operators are still in planning stages for metropolitan areas. Our unique sales distribution model allows individual operators, businesses, and venue owners to financially benefit from helping major cellular carriers offload customers from costly outside towers to our Neutral Host network which is supported by all four major US based Mobile Network Operators. Allowing cellular users to unknowingly offload to our Small Cell infrastructure, Mobile Operators are able to provide higher speed data with increased indoor coverage for less cost to provide the same service on traditional towers and infrastructure. Astral9 is in a unique position in that the service revenue associated with the Small Cell architecture is generated by roaming agreements with major Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and collected for providing an invaluable service to venue owners, customers of major providers, and MNO's.


We believe in great ideas

We have a deep understanding of wireless technologies, and have integrated the most bleeding edge technologies and techniques tightly together to create a highly flexible decentralized wireless telephone company. Our unique approach to Small Cell Technology allows Astral9 to support major 4G wireless carriers on the journey to 5G technology. We help carriers and operators alike remove burdensome users in difficult areas of service to provide a higher class of service for the customer and more efficient operations by carriers. We share this revenue with real estate owners and operators, as well as area franchisees, helping to create an additional revenue stream in locations around the world.

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What we do

Our business is monetizing wireless networks.

Cryptocurrency First

Our network has been designed from the ground up to support a variety of blockchain technologies.

IoT Connectivity

We fully support all 3GPP Band 48 LTE CAT7 devices, including tomorrows IoT devices.

LTE Network Augmentation

Small Cell Technology allows Astral9 to augment even the most rural locations.

Secure Communications

Our networks feature world class end-to-end encryption using AES/Snow3G all the way to our Evolved Packet Core.

Future Farms

We support thousands of different farm and agtech sensors, in addition to improving voice coverage in the area without the use of Wi-Fi.

Eco Friendly

Our Small Cell technology allows us to use less energy while improving coverage and density around our network.

Open Acess Spectrum

We are proud to be amongst the first CBRS Small Cell operators in the United States!

Completely Decentralized

From our Network Operations Center to our Evolved Packet Core, our networks are completely decentralized.

We are building a new kind of infrastructure for secure voice and data.

Read more about what we do and our philosophy of design. Judge for yourself The work and results we’ve achieved for other clients, and meet our highly experienced Team who just love to design.

Fun Facts About Us

We've been busy building a world class LTE network! Check out some fun facts below.

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